9. The Dream Giver is Here

April 24, 2014:

28 years and 7 days after my birth I figured out the answer to how I can finally do what I was born to do:

  • HONOR MY HEAVENLY FATHER by giving him back my dreams and giving Him my life plans so that He can give them back to me for a bigger and better purpose.
  • Your dreams cannot be done on your terms… They are done on His.
  • If we learn to let go of our plans and lists and this idea of perfection we allow to run us, peace will reign over our lives.
  • It’s not all about me. AAAAH GASP!!!! It’s not??!!
  • The only way to greatness is by serving the Lord.

Once my open mind allowed this realization to sink in I could barely breathe. I needed to start expecting miracles from God and become one. THE WORLD NEEDS TO SEE GOD WORKING IN YOUR LIFE. This is how we honor Him. All the things I was trying to do my whole life I was trying to do them alone….you don’t win battles on your own. The big picture we all so desperately try to see is already known by God, His work is finished, so let him work in and on you.

I went out to walk my dog feeling lighter and allowing my brain to rest from all this new information and during our walk, a feather was in my path. Hallelujah!


My journal entry that day:

I received my feather today and it’s going to lead me straight to a miracle.

The Dream Giver is here.

                         I was never truly happy living and chasing my dreams because I forgot to include God.

                         We fall apart when we forget God. But I’ve woken up just in time for an era of blessings and miracles.

                         I am craning my neck, turning my head to see what God is doing.

                                                            Faith. Trust. Believe.

                         I honor you Father, I win over the devil. I’m prepared to watch blessings fall around and in me.

                         I love you Jesus.

Where are you right now with your dreams and your walk of faith? Are you exhausted yet?

Pray this prayer below if you are ready to begin the journey of faith and trust to your God-Given Destiny. If you’re tired of being the commander of your life without any answers or road map on how to do it. Moses didn’t live out God’s dream for him until he was extremely old! It’s never too late to find God and ask for the right directions!


I thank you this day and all days of my life for continuing to seek me even though I may always turn away from you. I am ready today Lord to live out my life the way you have prepared for me. I’m ready to live your dreams for me. I ask for blessings, larger borders and the power to go with them. I’m ready to thrive and fill my vine with abundance: much more fruit! I understand you’ll prepare me for and with great obstacles opportunities that will come in a predictable sequence for a promising reason. Help me stay the course. My hand is in yours and together we walk. Bless my journey.


When you begin to follow God and let Him lead: Expect Miracles.





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