8. Start of Something Good

  August 27, 2014


I was BAPTIZED tonight, at the age of 28, as I announced in front of a large congregation with over 89 people who also were baptized, teens and adults, “I believe that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior, my priority and my best friend!”

Four months earlier… April 23, 2014


  • My relationships is not in a good place leaving me confused especially since we were planning on getting married this year.
  • I started reading devotionals daily and praying, working on becoming a better nurse & person with the new principles of God I was learning.
  • Got drunk off that alcohol…tempted and sinned, was feeling bad but found forgiveness in the Lord.

Determined to not give up on my faith after a weekend of drunk debauchery, I pulled a new book off the shelf that my good friend, and wife of a Pastor, Cherrie Howard, recommended to me. After finishing the book Secrets of the Vine and having somewhat of a foundation of what God wanted from me, I finally felt prepared to read The Dream Giver also by Bruce Wilkinson. Cherrie warned me that after reading this book, my life would never be the same.

Since I was young I always kept a list with me of aaaallllll the things I would achieve in my life figuring out along the way I wanted to be a leader, someway and somehow. Thus far, I had pretty much achieved most of what I wanted and then some, diving into other random opportunities along the way. I could not be stopped and was going to make money and be successful no matter what anyone said.

There was one problem: Yes I had gotten a lot checked off my list but I had also run myself into the ground and simply felt unfulfilled both at work and home. All this work, time and energy and I found myself really no where, alone in Arizona, not happy and my bank account looking the same. I was getting by just fine but wasn’t there more? Checking off boxes on a piece of paper just wasn’t cutting it anymore. So I opened my book…

photo 3  photo 2

  • First chapter:
    • I had a choice to make: Comfort vs. Dream? But the kicker is, when it gets uncomfortable, when obstacles stand in my way, I had God to help me find the opportunity in the obstacle. I vowed to take the word “obstacle/challenge” out of my vocabulary and instead say OPPORTUNITY. When I look up to the sky and picture heaven, what discomfort here on earth truly matters?

The Lord can have my dreams, He can even have my life…I trust in His plan. Do you?





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