6. Changing my tune

April 11-16:

At this point in my Walk I was becoming quite aware of the patterns in my life that were not allowing me to grow as a person and a Christian. I continued to read my daily devotionals, continued to have highs and lows at work and stopped drinking alcohol. (Now this is coming from someone who has always been the life of the party.) When I party and drink, I can’t stop drinking and I can’t hold myself to any boundaries and I spend the next day or week cleaning up the mess I made. Finally, I decided why live like that?

And the next step I took was stopping making detailed to-do lists and living by them! They would stress me out more than help me and I was learning that I had to walk on faith and trust that God would ensure that all that I needed to get done that day would be done, all else was not for me to worry about. I found that I didn’t miss the hangovers and days not ran by lists but by God were actually more productive! Who would’ve thought. I was feeling more fulfilled and happy when I consistently went to His Word every day.

Here are a few key words that began to shape the person I knew I needed to work to become:

  • Being a Callous Joyous Spirit
    • Be approachable, available and affirming. Stop talking bad and gossiping about people but start communicating with God on how to help them. Be a light and bring peace to others. Wouldn’t you rather be someone that people enjoy being around?
  • Being Impulsive God Led (This is HUGE for me and daily work)
    • You aren’t learning while you’re talking. People don’t need tons and tons of information. They need answers that work, they need a listening ear and timing is everything! PAUSE before talking or reacting. Be quiet, observe and listen for God. It’s OK to not know everything. You’re not supposed to.
  • Having Fear Trust and Faith
    • YOU WILL ALWAYS MAKE IT TO THE OTHER SIDE. Faith in God does not exempt you from having difficulties in life, it simply equips you to get through them. Our inadequacy reminds us to reach out to God. Let Him do the work, expect miracles. Trust His plan after all “He commands even the wind and water…” Never be afraid.
  • Being self-seeking a servant of God
    • God knows your motives whether you admit them or not. Do you live to serve yourself or God? Do you serve others to look good or do you serve because it brings you joy and you expect nothing in return? Be tender with the people you meet, learn God’s word and understand that only God’s opinion matters. If you lay all your confidence in man you will only be disappointed.
  • Being judgmental loving
    • It is not our place to attack or belittle people who don’t believe in God. Matthew 19:19 “love your neighbor as yourself.” It is not our job to defend Jesus to others or even to sell Him, our job is to be all these things mentioned above and introduce Him to people by having them observe the fruit of our lives.


Be quiet & listen, Be kind, Be patient, Be loving, Be joyous, Have faith, Be fearless.


Help me to stop being frustrated ALL the time when I do not do things perfectly. As I continue to learn a better way to live remind me that what is most important is to simply seek you at all times, pray to you, talk to you and take it moment by moment. Become my pause before I react, my ears so that I will listen to your people with full attention, my heart so that I will be kind to others and my mind to quiet my fears and doubts. I know you always have a face of love and a plan for me. I need only come to you. I know that I am just one choice away from a better existence. I cannot fathom how much you love me. Thank you for today and allowing me to leave yesterday behind. Help me to be a teachable child of your Word and stay the course.   Amen.



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