5. In the Midst of the Rain

April 10, 2014

If you’re reading this right now: YOU ARE ALIVE! You have been given ANOTHER DAY!! Praise God! Let the rain pour, let the sun shine because God is with you always and has given you another chance to stand up in His grace and surrender your life to Him.

After a frustrating week at work trying, trying, trying to be perfect and more God-like and not succeeding to my standards, I still went home every night and read my devotionals. I was committed to learning how God expected and wanted me to live.

After finishing Secrets of the Vine, I was led to write this prayer. My suggestion is to read it aloud…

Daily Abundance Prayer


Submerge me in your waters of grace. I am here and ready to leap faithfully into your loving arms to be led by your passions, purposes, and desires for my life. I realize that your dreams for my life are much bigger than what I could dream on my own. I now realize that a busy life chock full of lists and my priorities will never make me happy. Happiness lies in abiding in you all the days of my life.

I ask for protection from the devil and to be strong enough to allow your spirit to carry me through every single second. May I remain motivated today and everyday to seek your face at all times, listening for your voice, and accepting your guidance so that I may unlock your treasures for myself and others throughout the day.

Here and now I leave my definition of success behind and my expectations for my life behind, they’re gone, so that from here forward I can do only what you see for my life. You are in control of my mind, heart, body and spirit. I ask that your hand be held in mine always and in return I’ll keep you constantly with me, uninterrupted and walk in faith that all is and will be right in your kingdom.

I see now that with your light in and on me, my harvest will prosper and my vine will be saturated with clusters of grapes. But I know it all starts with one step, each moment, all day for the rest of my life.

God, please bless my walk TODAY. Amen.

Are you ready to jump in? Don’t you want His power to exude through you?? Do you want to live by His Spirit? Can you let go of what you want, and stop running in place and instead walk, jump, run, skip, fall on your knees, sit, I don’t care how you do it, but come before the Lord and ask for His WAY, His Blessings, so that your life can be fruitful and meaningful and propel forward?!

Man, what I would give for a life through Christ….who gave up His life for you, so that today, right now you are free to be His child and through Him, have all the things you could ever imagine and so. much. more.

Will you say yes?



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