4. And it Begins

April 8, 2014

So, you want to live the Christian life huh? The real way, live life as intended? Yes!

From the teachings of The Secrets of the Vine, I looked at a part of my life that was hurting me the most, where I knew I wasn’t performing my best, where I wasn’t happy: my career as a nurse.

My devotional that day asked: What are you focusing on? Opportunities or Obstacles? The open door or the adversaries?

Well I will tell you one thing, as an ER nurse in a trauma center, patients and their families are rude, rude, rude and demanding! My patience and compassion was worn thin, I had not much to give to anyone and joy and peace in my work was almost at zero. What purpose was I serving running around in circles being yelled at by ungrateful people!? Uggghh!!

Hmmm but what was I focusing on? Everything in that above paragraph is: negative! Gasp! Could I be the problem?? I had to start looking for the open door, how could I be a treasure in others’ lives in EVERY situation I was placed in? God already instilled in me the ability to handle whatever situation I faced if only I reached out to Him in faith. Easy right, I could do that!

My new mission and prayer before work that night:

Lord, I am grateful for the work and job you have given me. I must stop talking badly of others. I don’t know their walk. I only know mine and mine is to be kind, loving and compassionate to EVERYONE I meet. Simple tasks brighten days. I have been blinded to the opportunities you have placed before me because I have been looking at them wrong, please open my eyes to how I can be a treasure and a light to others in all opportunities placed before me. Amen.

Sigh. My struggle at work continued that night and I came home apologizing to God for losing control of my mind and mouth as I continued to be frustrated with others and myself. I wanted to be better and wanted God to empower me to be better.

What are your expectations from God? You expect to pray and spend time with him and then all will simply be well? I sure did and was sadly disappointed when I went to work with a shiny new attitude and came home feeling bad that I reacted the same as always….BUT I was recognizing the part I played in the negativity I allowed in my life.

Keep the course… Stick with the word of God. He will never, ever forsake you or give up on you but you must be willing to never give up on yourself and always seek Him.

He whispers: Come to Me, Come to Me….




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