3. Fruit of the Spirit

March 2013

Forgiveness…Do not ask for forgiveness because we are already forgiven by the blood of Jesus, simply confess your sins and work to not repeat them. Let go….let God take care of the rest.

I walked out of that church service feeling lighter, in awe of the message God had lead me to hear. I knew none of this was by coincidence and wanted nothing more than to continue understanding God on a level I never had before. I got in my car and prayed for happiness, prosperity and abundance through Him, to treat people better, to love more and have better relationships with others and with Him, and how to spread this Good news.

Sometime that week I was lead to read Secrets of the Vine by Bruce Wilkinson (from my Amazon order) and knew for now I was to put The Dream Giver book on hold. First, I needed to understand what God wanted from me and since the Bible seemed too overwhelming for me to read I figured this was a great start.

**John 15: Jesus’ last message to His disciples before He was crucified.

Verse 5: “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”

People often say the most powerful, meaningful words right before they die…for Jesus it was no different. Tucked in John 15 are our instructions to abundance.

I continued reading…

Bruce Wilkinson, The Secrets of the Vine:

  • “Too many of us live in the shadows of God’s vineyard–because we think of God as helping us to win on our terms which equals struggle and disappointment.”
    • Hmmmmm!! Is this why me doing whatever I feel like doing when I want to do it always leaves me feeling empty and exhausted even though I have a great job and life that looks good on paper??
  • “Our dreams are always too small, we are here to fulfill God’s dream, to live a remarkably abundant life which equals our greatest personal fulfillment.”
    • Oh my goodness I want that!!! And what?! My dreams are small, whoa! God must have a greater plan for me, greater than I could begin to imagine. Ok, I was loving this book so far. I want an abundant life!
  • “More is always possible because we were created to bear much more fruit which is the destiny of every believer. Jesus expects abundance from us.”
    • Ephesians 2:10,  created in Christ Jesus for good works
      • More!! Of course I want more from life, sign me up!
  • What does God want from me then?
    • A fruitful harvest
  • How do we get a fruitful harvest? How do we get abundant lives? My excitement for these secrets and new way of life kept me turning the pages, feverishly taking notes and stopping at times to relish and let all this new info soak in.


I give you permission every single day to shape me, cleanse me and redirect me to the path you see fit. With you less is more and I understand that living a pre-occupied, crazy life only allows me to live up to a fraction of my potential. I regret it has taken me so long to come to your side but I am here now and I am ready to live the life You have planned for me. Lord, I understand that your discipline for my sins is only out of love and that if I am to move further into a relationship with you I ask for your help replacing pieces of my life that do not serve you with strength, spiritual power and productivity that will serve you. I understand my faith will be tested multiple times but I must use these trials to perfect my faith and trust in you. Stretch me beyond my limits and I will invite you in to work everything for good. Lord as I move forward keep me the course, keep me conscious of you throughout my day, searching for you at all times like you are that of a hidden treasure. Open me up to your abundant possibilities by abiding more and doing less. I will read my Bible every day, I will speak to you all day and every day like the Father and friend that you are and allow your power to flow through me like water. I do know Lord that it’s always my move to respond to you. You will always be there but I must remain connected to you throughout each and every moment. Only through this may I bear much, much more fruit for your kingdom. Fill me with the fruit of the spirit and let no man take it away!


God answers prayers when you ask Him for what He wants most to give and when your motives are pure…

The journey is a hard one, but it is beautiful, stay the course.

Psalm 27:4, One thing I ask from the Lord, this only do I seek; that I may dwell in the house   of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze on the beauty of the Lord and to seek him in his temple.


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